Our agency was the brainchild of Scott Miller, a talented designer and brand strategist who wanted to apply his big-agency experience to an innovative and energetic new enterprise: a virtual agency that could adapt to and service a variety of clients, both big and small.

Over the years technology experts were added to the already stellar creative team, giving M Design the admirable ability to provide clients with services from logo design to web hosting.


Today, Anita Oliva Wolbrink is the owner of M Design Interactive. With a few in-house staff members and a growing freelance team (chosen for their extensive experience in branding, marketing, creativity, and IT ingenuity), we offer a full range of marketing solutions. Our quality has never been better. Freelance flexibility and onsite management—it’s a match made in heaven. As a result, small businesses get expertise far deeper than they ever dreamed of, and large corporations get the quality and scale of work they expect at a far greater value.